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Bullet 70th Anniversary

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Bullet 70th Anniversary
Started at 09:10pm on the 12th November, 2018 by Wayne
Wayne Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Hello to all Bullet owners, Next year is the 70th birthday of the first production Bullet and this is to be the focal point of the Founders day rally held at Stanford Hall near Lutterworth, on the 20 / 21st July 2019, the Mid - Shires branch of the REOC is hosting this and we are hoping to get 100 Bullets present over the weekend. I realise that it is a long way off but we are looking at the prospect of getting one model from each year on display. If you own a Bullet and would be interested in displaying it at the rally we would you please contact us so we can get some idea of the possibility of achieving our goal on the day. We realise this is a big ask but if you have a bullet 1949 to 2019 and want to part of a great parade highlighting the longest production run of any Motorcycle - please get in touch.
Posted: 09:10pm 12th November, 2018
Sticksy Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Hello Wayne, If my 1961 Bullet is ready by then - and i hope it will be - i hope to go there on it.
Posted: 09:25pm 12th November, 2018
Wayne Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Well done Sir - only 69 to go !
Posted: 10:08pm 12th November, 2018
Mark M Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Wayne, l will bring the 350 Works Replica and maybe the Bighead project if l get it done! REgards, Mark
Posted: 12:29pm 13th November, 2018
Wayne Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Mark - let us have years of your bikes and I can tick off my list?
Posted: 02:02pm 13th November, 2018
Super45 Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
If I can get my 2000 350 up and running and MOT's by then and im free that weekend then id be up for attending
Posted: 02:26pm 13th November, 2018
DonMc Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
I am hoping to take my 1959 350 Airflow Bullet and 1960 Big Head Bullet special/bitsa Don
Posted: 05:04pm 13th November, 2018
Scalyback Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Er, did you say 70 years? Only I got this out of the Royal Enfield catalog for 1938...

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Scalyback for ever!
REOC 15084

Tabellarius de verbis. Ostensor gaudium
Posted: 05:24pm 13th November, 2018
enfield_trials Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
i think the first bullet was launched in 1932/1933 .
I would love to see the picture of gathering/meeting . if would like to share .. 350 Works replica/Big head bullet / Airflow .. yum yum.
Posted: 05:45pm 13th November, 2018
Mark M Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Wayne the Works Rep is built 1959, so 60 model year and the BH is a 61. The Ebay Bullet ia an alternative, (it's certainly different!) that's a1955 350. REgards, Mark
Posted: 06:05pm 13th November, 2018
Wayne Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Scaleyback - there always had to someone to pee on our fireworks, This has been sanctioned by the Owners Club - I am doing my level best to try and promote the marque, the owners club and keep our interest alive and maybe spread some joy and unity amongst Bullet owners - its a shame there is going to be some one to be so negative...take up your argument with the REOC please who have all of the Factory records.
Posted: 10:55pm 13th November, 2018
Adrian Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Wayne, I have no beef about post versus pre-war Bullets, maybe it would help just to clarify that it's the post-WW2 Bullet that is being celebrated. I don't think Scalyback is actually trying to spoil anyone's fun.

Don't forget a class for the anglo-indian bitsas of possibly several different years AND factories!

Posted: 11:57pm 13th November, 2018
Scalyback Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary

Er what?

I wasn't trying to be negative, I was just wondering if you meant 70 years or had made a typo?. It's not my fault they put out a motorcycle named bullet in 1932 so wouldn't you query it just to see if there had been error in the post?.

Anyway, my apologies if it came across that way to you.

Posted: 06:37am 14th November, 2018
Mark M Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Let's say "anniversary of the introduction of the swinging arm rear end Bullet". Or 'Pivoted rear fork' as Royal Enfield would have said at the time! Although not the first swinging arm motorcycle by any means it made a massive impact on British manufacturers, especially as Enfield were hugely successful in Trials competitions, an activity which sold a lot of bikes back then. I had the rare privilege of handling one of the original 1947 Works competition Bullet frames once and it was not only beautifully made but incredibly light. They really were years ahead of their time so let's celebrate all that!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 10:57am 14th November, 2018
Presto Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
It is generally recognised that the Bullet as we know it dates from 1949. The Bullet moniker [stupid word!] had been used before [c. 1933 according to the best sources] but the Bullet as we know it, swing arm, and new design of motor, was introduced in prototype form in February 1948, going on to gain acclaim in the ISDT of that year. The following year, 1949, the public could buy a 350 Bullet for £171.9.0d. This is the model that will be celebrated next year and the model Wayne is looking to parade.
Posted: 01:06pm 14th November, 2018
Scalyback Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Post WWII bullet 70th. anniversary. Perfect. 

Well, as Wayne has gone all out on getting this event up and happening, I'll advertise it in the Royal Enfield GB group as an event. The more that know, then the more successful it should be!

Not sure that I will be back in the UK then, but you never know...

Posted: 02:08pm 14th November, 2018
RoSy Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Great bit of PR there Scaly, I noticed on some forums how quickly a post can turn sour when a it is misinterpreted and someone take offence to it. I would like to think that 99.99﹪ of at least this forum are well meaning members.
Posted: 05:42pm 14th November, 2018
Scalyback Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
Always better to get on, anyway, I could have worded my first post a bit better... 

Posted: 02:47pm 15th November, 2018
Smithy Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
1932, 1949 I don't care. This is an event to celebrate the best motorcycle ever made and if there's Bullets going to be there I will be too. I will be on my scruffy, totally non-standard 2016 Classic Chrome, which looks neither classic nor chrome now. Mind you as I have done 17000 miles on it since February it deserves to be scruffy! Ian
Posted: 08:47am 16th November, 2018
Wheaters Subject: Bullet 70th Anniversary
17,000 miles in eight months on an Enfield? Give that man a medal! ;-)
Posted: 10:51am 16th November, 2018

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