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Gear Cutting

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Gear Cutting
Started at 04:45pm on the 5th January, 2019 by Wheaters
Wheaters Subject: Gear Cutting
This is a non-Royal Enfield question, so I hope no-one finds that a major issue. I'm hoping to find a recommendation for a UK company who can make a pair of small gears for a project of mine. The gears run in an oil bath. This is to make good a job that wasn't done too well by a company near me. The existing gears have always been very noisy and have now failed in service. The gears I need are spur gears of approximately 42mm diameter, 15 mm thick with 41 teeth. Centre bore on one is 12 mm, the other 16 is mm. Accuracy is paramount. I can provide a pattern. Thanks, any pointers gratefully received.
Posted: 04:45pm 5th January, 2019
papasmurf Subject: Gear Cutting
Gear cutters have got as rare as rocking horse poo in the last few decades. (Out of curiosity just what are the gears off of?) You could try contacting these.
Posted: 05:37pm 5th January, 2019
Wheaters Subject: Gear Cutting
Papasmurf, The gears fit inside the nose of an Eaton supercharger I've fitted to the Suzuki G10 engine in my Liege trials car. The supercharger was originally for a VW Polo TFSI. These superchargers unusually have an internal gear train stepping up the internal rotor speed to 1.93:1 because in the VW they are only "online" up to 3,000 engine rpm until the turbo kicks in. I had a new pair of gears made to convert it to a 1:1 ratio for my purposes so it can run up to the engine rpm limit, which cost me more than the supercharger did. They weren't as well made as I had hoped (7,500 miles and they're K nackered and one of them has spun on the drive shaft), so I'm looking for an alternative company who can do the job at a sensible price. As you say, gear cutting on this sort of small scale is a dying art. I've found online details of a few who can offer the service, but a recommendation from someone is always worthwhile.
Posted: 07:02pm 5th January, 2019
Wheaters Subject: Gear Cutting
I'm now sorted with a pair of gears after visiting HPC Gears, a company in Chesterfield. Their catalogue is very impressive! My supercharger has an unusual internal drive setup which uses "in between" shaft centres and gear sizes, but HPC's tech expert recommended I fit a 42 tooth gear wheel mated to a 40 tooth one, rather using than two identical gears. They had both in stock so with a bit of machining on the lathe, all now should line up and mesh perfectly. The gear ratio will no longer be exactly 1:1 as it was before (1:1.8 before I reduced it) but that isn't a problem because I can lower the boost slightly, to the car's benefit (its present 14 psi is a bit excessive for safety on a 9.5 CR).
Posted: 07:57pm 7th January, 2019
JonHill Subject: Gear Cutting
Ward Engineering, Seaton Delaval in Tyne and Wear made a new sleeve gear for my 1925 BSA. Pricey but it's a complex full day's work for a skilled operator.
Posted: 09:57pm 22nd January, 2019
Andy C Subject: Gear Cutting
Dont know where you are in the world, but these people are absolutely brilliant & trustworthy. Anything I cannot do I get them to do it. Worth an ask: Good luck
Posted: 12:38pm 23rd January, 2019
Wheaters Subject: Gear Cutting
Jon, Andy. Thanks for the info but I've already got sorted, as per my post of 7th Jan.
Posted: 01:33pm 23rd January, 2019

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