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How old is my enfield

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How old is my enfield
Started at 11:02am on the 9th January, 2019 by Corb
Corb Subject: How old is my enfield
I have inherited an ex Indian military bullet 350. The frame number is B1771968B engine number 177195. Any help to find the year of manufacture would be appreciated. Thank in advance.
Posted: 11:02am 9th January, 2019
enfield_trials Subject: How old is my enfield
if it has oil relief valve ( nut ) near oil feed pipe on crankcase. it might be early bullet 1970s. other guys might give you more info picture are handy to identify things.. Good luck.
Posted: 11:51am 9th January, 2019
Mark M Subject: How old is my enfield
Corb, send the engine and frame numbers to Graham Scarth the Royal Enfield Owners Club Chairman at and he will give you chapter and verse from his records. This a free service the REOC offers to anyone, if you need a Dating Certificate for registration purposes you will have to join the club but it's not expensive. Let us know please? There are a lot of these Bullets about and we like to hear the story!

REgards, Mark
Posted: 12:08pm 9th January, 2019

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