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Help needed

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Help needed
Started at 08:38pm on the 25th October, 2007 by Eddy Quayle
Eddy Quayle Subject: Help needed
I have just ordered from our Hoste the clutch arm with a bearing on 500 4 speed (part 90010) and was wonderinghow hard it is to fit and what difference it makes? I cannot select neutral while stationary but Thinking about it was not sure if I could on my first Bullet, but the main thing is the gearchange down the box sometimes just does not want to know and I end up stopping in 3rd or 4th, sometimes the neutral selector is as bad.
Is this character or am I missing something, still ove the bike though!!
Posted: 08:38pm 25th October, 2007
craig(notts) Subject: Re: Help needed
Morning Eddy,
I would risk saying that Most of it is "character"...
you need to Click in to neutral ,Just as you Roll to a Stop:(Or Stomp on the Neutral Gear Box Leaver Just as you Roll to a Halt) Once Stopped it is Very hard to get Neutral,"But Possibble with the Nack"

My Gear Box is Offtern the Best & the Worst in the World, When change down gets Difficult, I top up the Gear Box with Oil and all is Pefect again (Till the oil drips out over a week or Two.

And Like they say on the Box:"THe Gear Box Gets Better with Time".

If You Have Not Got a Major Problem Then: "Its Probberley Down to Enfield character"...... Oh and a Good Oiled Cable Helps..
Cheers Craig
Posted: 08:41am 26th October, 2007
glenn Subject: Re: Help needed
Hi Eddy i have just done this job myself. You also need the matching clutch outer front plate. I would recommend you fit some new HD springs too. The job is quite simple. You will need to readjust the clutch push rod clearance etc. Its a well worth mod
Posted: 09:56am 26th October, 2007
jonathan h Subject: Re: Help needed
On 4 speed box, to select neutral from first while stationary place your heel on the neutral selector and push down with your toe. As long as your clutch is disengaging the drive fully this method should work every time.
Also, if you have a recurring problem changing down consecutive gears, there is an adjustment plate as part of the gear selection mechanism behind the gearbox outer-casing which can be adjusted. This could also be adjusted the other way if the problem is changing up consecutively. See Schnidel manual.
Best wishes.
Posted: 10:36am 26th October, 2007
Dave Subject: Re: Help needed
As a new Enfielder myself I have had the same trouble changing down which has been frustrating, with practice I have found changing down while the revs are even and low (i.e. not accelerating or decelerating) the gears slip into place nice and smooth, also if you add oil dont over do it, I did and watched for the next hour as it all leaked out over the floor, all said and done I think you hit the nail on the head..character
Posted: 02:31pm 28th October, 2007

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