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RE:Mike & Electrics

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RE:Mike & Electrics
Started at 08:57am on the 12th May, 2008 by Craig(Notts)
Craig(Notts) Subject: RE:Mike & Electrics
Mike Just Seen Your Post Below:

Dont Know Whats Caurseing your Short But:

On My Home Market 350: The Lighting circuit is Live all the Time (No Probs Just Switch off at Light Switch)..The Indicators Only work with Engine Running (Power from Alernatior saves on battery?)...And the 2nd Ing/on off Switch is 90% Chance its an Indian Security Divice (Think Isolator),
Worst Place For Shorts on Mine was rge Head Lamp switch,Removed and Re Wired it ( its just like a 13amp Plug) and No problems (Touch wood !) Since.. Hope this Helps: Cheers Craig
Posted: 08:57am 12th May, 2008
Mike Subject: Re: RE:Mike & Electrics
Craig, thanks for your input. I finally got my head round the electrics on this bike. Now i understand why there is the second switch. Traced my fault to the ammeter. (see other post for explanation). Cheers, Mike.
Posted: 01:36am 13th May, 2008

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