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uneven tyre wear

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uneven tyre wear
Started at 09:00am on the 13th May, 2008 by brummie gaz
brummie gaz Subject: uneven tyre wear
Clever types,

whilst washing the Bullet last night I noticed that the front tyre was wearing unevenly. It is the of the older ridge type tread (as opposed to block tread)and from the centre line of the tread the RHS ( as viewed when sitting on the bike) is wearing quickly (and at this rate will shortly need replacing)while the LHS is untouched.

The wheel appears to run true within the forks and though I havent measured it as such the front to back alignment appears OK.

Can anyone offer any assistance as Mrs Brum is now convinced from the wear that I do indeed just ride around in (right hand) circles all day ! Either that or I am moonlighting on a wall of death while she is out at work.

Thanks in advance

Ride safe,
Posted: 09:00am 13th May, 2008
Mike D Subject: Re: uneven tyre wear
This is normal caused by the road camber sloping from the centre of the road to the curb, to aid drainage.
Posted: 09:36am 13th May, 2008
Mike M Subject: Re: uneven tyre wear
What does "wearing quickly" refer to in terms of distance?
Posted: 09:43am 13th May, 2008
Jonathan H Subject: Re: uneven tyre wear
Mike D is half right, the camber of the road will cause increased wear on one side. However, the fact that in the UK we ride on the left side of the road means that we ride further round any right hand bend than we do round a left hand bend. This will also have a contibutory factor.
Tyres on the continent wear on the otherside due to riding on the opposite side of the road and the camber being the other side.
Best wishes,
Posted: 05:17pm 13th May, 2008

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