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Performance Crankshaft for Royal Enfield V-Twin KX

A work of art for this vintage machine!

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Hole has appeared
Hi, It looks like I have a small hole in the gearbox casing on my 65 RE. Cant figure out how to post a picture. If someone could guide me how to post ...
555 14 233 Technical 02:55pm, 19th October, 2017 08:02am 20th October, 2017 by Alan R
SMLE & The Bridge Club Run
SMLE 1 55 Social / Other 02:11am, 19th October, 2017 11:13pm 19th October, 2017 by Alan R
Elecrta X problem 2
Well first off i must thank everyone that contributed to my last post 'Electra X problem' especially Adrian who spotted my rookie mistake of ...
mickt 15 306 Technical 10:19pm, 17th October, 2017 10:14pm 19th October, 2017 by Revband
I found this interesting
Oil pressure in a RE. I found it interesting as it shows the stroke of the feed oil pump. These pumps are fairly slow at 1 in 12 which I think says 1 ...
binary 3 209 Technical 09:36am, 16th October, 2017 09:48pm 19th October, 2017 by vince
Hello, 1959 350 Bullet here
Hi all, I'm thinking of restoring my ancient Bullet that I bought for 50p many, many years ago. It's been in boxes in my shed since 1980. ...
Tangle 25 600 Social / Other 06:39pm, 13th October, 2017 04:45pm 19th October, 2017 by Tangle
1942 WD CO - Fast / Slow?
Hi, just wanted to ask any other WD CO 350 users out there how fast a 1942 WD CO can be expected to go. Mine seems to struggle to get past 30mph. Is t...
Bob2 8 278 Technical 11:43am, 17th October, 2017 02:49pm 19th October, 2017 by Bob2
White Helmet bikes
From BBC website today The recently disbanded British Army's motorcycle display team's bikes are being sold at auction in Sherborne. The Tr...
Valsp 0 44 Social / Other 01:11pm, 19th October, 2017 No one has replied yet
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SMLE & The Four Rivers Loop Run
SMLE 0 25 Social / Other 12:45pm, 19th October, 2017 No one has replied yet
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new project 4
The restoration of my 1960 350 Bullet is coming to completion however as normal with most of my projects ( 3rd bike since retirement ) there is alway...
arty70 20 557 Technical 11:31am, 5th October, 2017 12:32pm 19th October, 2017 by Mark M
Changing 19 inch rim to 18
Bike is a 2016 standard 500 b5 Efi, was wondering what I would need to do to get an 18 inch rim in the rear? Would it just be a straight take off old ...
Vijayinder 7 263 Technical 01:40am, 16th October, 2017 01:48am 19th October, 2017 by Vijayinder
Not a enfield
Hi chaps, Can anyone tell me what size tyres I should put on my 1957 ajs 16 ms? Jenks
jenks 3 124 Technical 06:37pm, 17th October, 2017 09:18pm 18th October, 2017 by Revband
SMLE In Worcestershire & Shropshire...
SMLE 0 54 Social / Other 06:06pm, 18th October, 2017 No one has replied yet
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SMLE In Shropshire...
SMLE 0 32 Social / Other 06:04pm, 18th October, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Running In SMLE, The First Time
Purchased in April 2017, I ha a week to get SMLE run in, well, the first 300 mile part that is... Chris.
SMLE 2 137 Social / Other 02:51am, 17th October, 2017 05:53pm 18th October, 2017 by SMLE
Putting main bearings in the crankcases
Does anyone have any tips as to easy main bearing insertion into late Redditch bullet cases? I froze the bearings and heated the cases in the oven. In...
Chris Tindal 15 536 Technical 06:56pm, 7th October, 2017 09:03am 18th October, 2017 by scotty
53 Meteor Rear Shocks
Hi All My 53 Meteor has been fitted with exposed spring rear shocks.. I want to fit enclosed type, more in keeping with bikes original design. With...
Tomshayes1 19 369 Technical 08:28pm, 11th October, 2017 09:44pm 17th October, 2017 by Adrian
53 Meteor LUCAS Distributor /Dyno
Hi All The 53 Meteor has a combined LUCAS distributor / dyno set up. Can anybody tell me what LUCAS model the Dyno is? E3L,E3LM or E3N I a...
Tomshayes1 5 103 Technical 01:51pm, 17th October, 2017 09:18pm 17th October, 2017 by Mark M
my 2015 RE DesertStorm has a death wobble it starts about 60-65kph! mounted a new tyre, air pressure, wheel is centered, forks ok, etc etc please any ...
skidmarks 21 907 Technical 08:50pm, 5th September, 2017 01:35pm 17th October, 2017 by still lucky eddie
What is year the bike ?
Hi Guys I am helping one gentlemen , he wanted to know year the bike was made it seems to indian bullet. i will try to get pictures. Frame # ...
enfield_trials 0 65 Technical 12:33pm, 17th October, 2017 No one has replied yet
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2014 Enfield Desert Storm for sale
Hi, I'm thinning out my bikes a little and as such have decided to sell my Enfield. Its a bit sad to sell i but it doesn't really get used ...
Richard1 0 100 Bikes For Sale 11:40am, 16th October, 2017 No one has replied yet
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