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Ah,The Seveties
macg4 17 181 Social / Other 12:23pm, 18th March, 2018 11:26pm 18th March, 2018 by Beezabryan
350 trials
Hi to all .I've just come back to Royal Enfield s,after a few years away ,how many of my old pals are there still on here ?Alan from Telford way...
grunda 12 3 82 Social / Other 03:31pm, 18th March, 2018 09:40pm 18th March, 2018 by Alan R
Ebay Bullet newsflash!
(New readers might start with a search here for 'Ebay Bullet' messages, if you like a tale of misguided bike buying!) Just to clue you in, thi...
Mark M 1 54 Technical 07:52pm, 18th March, 2018 08:21pm 18th March, 2018 by Adrian
top yoke
wanted top yoke for 1950 g2 350. or any other parts for this model. Cheers KH
kh 2 35 Bikes For Sale 03:02pm, 18th March, 2018 08:19pm 18th March, 2018 by kh
Doesn't bode well...
Took advantage of the recent spell of decent weather to enjoy the first rideout of the year. A few miles down the road pulled up at a junction, trouse...
macg4 8 229 Social / Other 05:35pm, 17th March, 2018 07:55pm 18th March, 2018 by Martin
Would anyone in the Bristol area have a M/C trailer I could borrow/hire for a day, not quite definite yet I just need to get one lined up if needed. W...
RoSy 0 25 Social / Other 04:52pm, 18th March, 2018 No one has replied yet
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1952 Model G Wheels
Did the 1952 have painted black wheels out of the factory I have noticed it on quite a few Model G restoration pictures? Does the club have a Model...
Hardhat_Barry 0 19 Technical 04:49pm, 18th March, 2018 No one has replied yet
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52 Model G Petrol Tank question
I have been scanning the parts book and I have the bracket for the mounting of the front of the fuel tank but I cannot see in the parts book how the r...
Hardhat_Barry 4 86 Technical 01:13pm, 17th March, 2018 03:30pm 18th March, 2018 by Hardhat_Barry
Latchy starting, worn throttle valve?
My 350 bullet has become increasingly latchy to start recently, especially from cold. It's gone from starting into a steady idle first kick to tak...
stinkwheel 9 147 Technical 01:31pm, 17th March, 2018 03:29pm 18th March, 2018 by ric
Beamish Safety and Reliability Run
With an icy wind blowing, snow falling and salt all over the road -- here's a chance to dream! How about entering the 2018 Beamish Safety and Rel...
beamish 0 23 Social / Other 03:29pm, 18th March, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Clutch4 plate to 5 plate
I have a 2006 RE Indian Thunderbird 350 5 speed, Question , It needs a complete clutch assembly, at the moment it as a 4 plate ,will a 5 plate fit str...
Goff 1 62 Technical 10:26am, 18th March, 2018 12:44pm 18th March, 2018 by Alan R
Oxyturbo Kit
Hello, anyone used the “oxyturbo” the kits for brazing, want to fabricate and braze brackets etc onto motorcycle frames. Thanks Richard
tribonnie 2 76 Technical 10:25am, 18th March, 2018 12:36pm 18th March, 2018 by Alan R
Where have all of the 'Iron Barrels' gone?
Just a thought for you. I like to buy old run down bikes and do them up (I've been doing this for years). I have thought about buying a run down 5...
Barry_Q 26 731 Social / Other 06:34pm, 15th March, 2018 09:58am 18th March, 2018 by ric
How to prevent rust?
Basic question from a new-ish Bullet owner: How do you stop your pride and joy rusting away? I have a 2001 Iron barrelled 350 Bullet. It was in ...
daveh 17 405 Technical 10:00am, 18th February, 2018 07:28am 18th March, 2018 by daveh
1960 Constellation Magneto/ignition & or carb problem
This may be a magneto or carb problem, don't know; I'm usually pretty good with carbs (especially concentrics) but long story short a 28mm ama...
Marko 15 198 Technical 02:03pm, 16th March, 2018 09:24pm 17th March, 2018 by Adrian
52 Model G Fork Stanchions
The forks on the 1952 G model (its the one with an alloy top instrument panel with the speedo in) have seen better days Searching the interweb ...
Hardhat_Barry 3 82 Technical 10:04pm, 16th March, 2018 08:33pm 17th March, 2018 by Hardhat_Barry
Bullet tail light assembly
Hi Everyone, I need to remove the tail light assembly framework from the rear mudguard to fit another type of tail light Army Bullet (65) .There ap...
Dave G 2 95 Technical 02:47pm, 16th March, 2018 10:28am 17th March, 2018 by stinkwheel
head lamp
KH here looking for more advice. thinking about putting my 1950 350 bullet back to the original head lamp. As any member done same. Thanks
kh 4 73 Technical 08:43pm, 16th March, 2018 09:35am 17th March, 2018 by kh
'84 350 loss of power in the hills
Hey, my second post on here. A big thanks to the folks that helped me out with my first! My '84 350 is losing a load of power in the hills. As me...
DannyDan 3 100 Technical 09:02am, 16th March, 2018 08:47am 17th March, 2018 by Leon Novello
Bike will not start
Hi, Got myself a 1979 350cc BUllet which was build in India (and looks like a cast iron). The bike was sitting for a while but was kick starting...
DanielBen 11 297 Technical 07:05am, 5th March, 2018 11:47pm 16th March, 2018 by johnnyramirez

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