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Royal Enfield's golden record in the ISDT

A story worth reading - did you know Royal Enfields were this good?!

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Replacement Tyres
Hi all Having now successfully registered and on the road Thunderbird 350 (Grey Import) my thks to REOC (Graham/TOM) for helping here (sorry long stor...
lupacexi 0 13 Social / Other 04:40pm, 23rd June, 2017 No one has replied yet
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European Riding
Given the advice on E10 fuel and my impending European trip I thought I'd start a new thread. In September I will be taking the ferry to Bilbao, z...
Paulk 4 59 Social / Other 09:05am, 23rd June, 2017 04:27pm 23rd June, 2017 by 2cvandy
GT Drive chain tension
Some advice please regarding the correct drive chain tension. I was getting some strange noises random clicking and clunking at low speeds from my new...
Billy 4 71 Technical 11:41am, 23rd June, 2017 03:55pm 23rd June, 2017 by ric
small battery in casquette?
I bought a small 4 cell lifepo4 battery so I can get rid of the battery carrier. I'm also thinking of getting a motogadget m-unit v.2 to clean up ...
bernieke 13 351 Technical 08:21am, 19th June, 2017 03:05pm 23rd June, 2017 by Off to the shed again
pre war enfield parts
Anyone got a good contact for pre war Enfield parts? Just bought a 1932 model g special and need a +030 piston. Any help would be grateful...
sloper 3 73 Technical 10:10pm, 22nd June, 2017 12:51pm 23rd June, 2017 by Mark M
6v to 12v pos to neg earth
I am sorry if this question has been asked before I have a 1962 RE 250 crusader which I would like to change from 6volt to 12volt system also at the s...
duffers 9 248 Technical 11:37pm, 15th June, 2017 12:00pm 23rd June, 2017 by Coby
Front brake lever
I've got a. 2015 model 500 classic. I've just found that when I release the front brake lever, it 'springs' back about 1/4" & touches...
Dezza 5 141 Technical 01:32pm, 22nd June, 2017 11:57am 23rd June, 2017 by 2cvandy
Carb question
Hey I am the owner of a 1995 Bullet, and recently bought a 1957 500cc triumph speed twin (5t) which is fitted with a 5/32” 689 Monobloc. According...
Pat 3 85 Technical 10:39pm, 22nd June, 2017 09:35am 23rd June, 2017 by Mark M
Auschwitz on an Enfield
Well, tomorrow night I set off to Krakow from Liverpool on my C5 Classic. My route is Liverpool, Harwich, Hook of Holland, Gauda, Lingen, Wernigerode...
AndyMc 12 339 Social / Other 04:03am, 17th June, 2017 05:43am 23rd June, 2017 by AndyMc
Super E10 petrol
A word to the wise. If you're travelling in Europe DONT use Super E10 petrol. I put some in yesterday due to my ignorance. The bike has run like...
AndyMc 14 290 Technical 08:31pm, 21st June, 2017 05:12am 23rd June, 2017 by AndyMc
1936 model A / T Ignition parts
Hello Everyone out there, My friend and I have been lucky enough to obtain 2 lovely old 1936 RE bikes - mine is a Model T and Johns is a Model A ...
Wayne 3 95 Technical 05:36pm, 22nd June, 2017 11:23pm 22nd June, 2017 by wetdog
Bore size - Clipper 350 1960
A rebore to +60 might be needed for my bike. Could anyone supply me with the appropriate measurement/s so that I can pass them to the engineering shop...
Himself 3 94 Technical 09:57am, 22nd June, 2017 10:28pm 22nd June, 2017 by Revband
The Meteor Minor lives!
I've spent the last couple of weeks changing all the fluids, checking it over, filing the points to reveal something that conducts electricity, cl...
ed.lazda 52 1180 Technical 05:25pm, 2nd June, 2017 10:13pm 22nd June, 2017 by ed.lazda
Catagory "C"
More brain picking please. I've done some research and it would seem that a repaired motorcycle (cat."C") can be back on the road if it has an MO...
Grunt 2 65 Technical 08:57pm, 22nd June, 2017 09:38pm 22nd June, 2017 by ric
Drum brake - any improvements?
Much as I love my Bullet I do feel the rear drum brake is a bit 'weedy'. Does anyone know of any improvements that can be made to improve i...
Rich 12 330 Technical 08:42pm, 20th June, 2017 05:31pm 22nd June, 2017 by MickB
Clutch plate sequence
Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and Royal Enfields, so if this has already been covered please for give, I have had a look through but could not fi...
clipper132 2 56 Technical 01:01pm, 22nd June, 2017 05:26pm 22nd June, 2017 by Gwilly
Electra X
Hi, Just bought myself a 2005 Electra x 500 with 9000 k on her , what are these models like as never had one also fitted with a highway kit. Red...
Reds 8 169 Social / Other 01:36pm, 21st June, 2017 05:23pm 22nd June, 2017 by Bullet Whisperer
Twin spark conversion
I converted my head for the twin spark mod using the twin lead coil Part number 92075 Caps not included ( I used NGK resistor types ) and good God wha...
Phil Ashbrook 16 6033 Technical 10:19am, 28th January, 2014 12:49pm 22nd June, 2017 by NicoV
layshaft Bush or incorrect positioning?
after replacing a kickpawl within the inner cover of my '92 500cc bullet im having real real headaches putting back together my albion 4speed gear...
jacobia stig 1 38 Technical 11:43am, 22nd June, 2017 11:45am 22nd June, 2017 by jacobia stig
Can´t fasten clutch centre/hub properly
Hi there. Alarmed by a strange noise, I checked the primary side internals and found that the clutch assy was loose, wobbles. I found that the clutch ...
tippi 5 302 Technical 01:12pm, 15th June, 2017 10:35pm 21st June, 2017 by tippi

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