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Front brake grille cover 250cc Continental GT

They're back again! 250 Continental GT front brake grille 

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Sprag clutch
Hi used Hitchcocks a few times found them very helpful so thought i would join the forums to ask my question. I have a 2007 royal enfield electra x...
bumpkin 7 154 Technical 11:55am, 21st August, 2017 12:06pm 22nd August, 2017 by Frank
Big end roller bearing
I am rebuilding a "year of manufacture 2000", 350 Bullet motor. I want to put a Hitchcock's big end roller bearing part No. RE13 in place of the s...
binary 21 427 Technical 06:03am, 19th August, 2017 11:41am 22nd August, 2017 by binary
Fuel overflow from tickle carb
Hi guys I've had this problem now happen twice when I turn the fuel tap on fuel spills out from tickle on carb if I tap the bowl it stops so prob...
dazza 5 111 Technical 05:08pm, 21st August, 2017 10:37am 22nd August, 2017 by Mark M
Tornado in... Combined Opps, Headcorn aerodrome 2017
Combined Opps, Headcorn aerodrome 2017 Video of this splendid affair to follow soon, but here are some photos...
 Our camp. Tornado Poses p...
Scalyback 4 77 Social / Other 04:33pm, 21st August, 2017 09:19am 22nd August, 2017 by ed.lazda
Neutral Issue
Morning All Got a bit of a strange one on my 2016 Classic 500. When the bike is cold all is ok and everything is smooth. Once warm it is near imposs...
Tony H 0 33 Technical 08:46am, 22nd August, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Puncture repair kit
Hi guys just woundering what emergency kit you all carry on you while out ant about on your bikes regarding puncture repair kit and those cans to blo...
dazza 7 177 Technical 11:03am, 21st August, 2017 06:39am 22nd August, 2017 by Jack the Lad
Just checked the miles per gallon (UK) on my old 350 and it works out at 91.5 MPG! Astonishing. Bike is fitted with an Amal concentric and 35,000 mile...
Paul 4 98 Technical 03:46pm, 21st August, 2017 10:34pm 21st August, 2017 by Paul
Advice appreciated
Hello All , just returned from a blast with my two lads ...running a 2012 500 bullet and sidecar outfit for a few years now - its had its usual electr...
Zannstu 14 341 Technical 08:40pm, 13th August, 2017 03:30pm 21st August, 2017 by Rattlebattle
Just looked at Alan R's pics of fitting his sidestand & noticed the 'RoyalS Enfield logo on the tappet cover. Looks like Indian suppliers of u...
Mickey 2 166 Social / Other 11:50am, 18th August, 2017 02:34pm 21st August, 2017 by Adrian
Bullet Crank Weight matters ?
Hi Guys I will be building Redditch based engine. i have 2 crank. one clipper 350 and bullet 350 one. what are crank weight for bullet. heavier ...
enfield_trials 2 78 Technical 12:11pm, 21st August, 2017 02:07pm 21st August, 2017 by Mark M
Calling all Bullet '65 owners----
Hi Guys and HELP !!........Can someone PLEEEEESE tell me / show me how this dammed main stand on my 2004 Bullet '65 is supposed to fit ??............
Alan R 19 371 Social / Other 12:01am, 17th August, 2017 11:12am 21st August, 2017 by Alan R
Kickstart return spring
On my 1999 4 speed Enfield 500cc the kick start return spring has jumped out of the little hole in the kickstart shaft. When I put it back in it doesn...
adamscarborough 3 84 Technical 08:36pm, 20th August, 2017 09:07am 21st August, 2017 by PeteF
Riders Travel Log....
Hi guys.....Would any of you wonderful Enfield people like to keep a simple, lightweight Travel Log going on here ??........Just a bit of fun but it c...
Alan R 3 113 Social / Other 10:38pm, 19th August, 2017 12:04am 21st August, 2017 by Alan R
Where is closed loop?
I'm aware it's located between fully closed and fully open throttle positions but does anyone have a definitive answer as to where it lies in ...
ric 12 286 Technical 10:57am, 18th August, 2017 10:58pm 20th August, 2017 by Rattlebattle
Sealed bearings in the engine
I'm doing some bottom end work on my Redditch Bullet and replacing the main bearings as well as the big end bearing. I am thinking of using a sing...
mustaphapint 18 388 Technical 07:47pm, 16th August, 2017 09:53pm 20th August, 2017 by Beezabryan
Food Stop Cafe, Quatt
Hi guys------The Red Baron and myself will be at The Food Stop Cafe, Quatt, Shropshire on Sunday, 20th August for BIG BREKKY at approx. 08.45am....Loo...
Alan R 0 38 Social / Other 10:52pm, 19th August, 2017 No one has replied yet
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too much oil?
OK, I've read the manual BUT my new Classic 500 had the glass full of oil all the time from delivery. The only way to get the oil on the glass is ...
Grunt 8 308 Technical 07:34pm, 16th August, 2017 10:58am 19th August, 2017 by Rattlebattle
Kick start problem
Hi everybody so I went to go for a ride today,,,I put the bike in 1st gear let out the clutch and my kick start hit me in the leg,,so well I did it a ...
Izzy 3 220 Technical 01:49am, 18th August, 2017 06:13pm 18th August, 2017 by Izzy
Hello all. I have a 1956 350 Bullet with a burnt out stator the stator is hexagon, would any one know if the later round stator would fit,I am aware t...
callen46 1 80 Technical 01:27pm, 18th August, 2017 02:15pm 18th August, 2017 by Mark M
small battery in casquette?
I bought a small 4 cell lifepo4 battery so I can get rid of the battery carrier. I'm also thinking of getting a motogadget m-unit v.2 to clean up ...
bernieke 20 749 Technical 08:21am, 19th June, 2017 10:31pm 17th August, 2017 by Scalyback

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