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The 2018 Northern Classic
Well now who is up for a truly classic trial next month in our glorious Lake District? The Northern Classic kicks off from Wigton on Saturday 17th Feb...
Charlie 0 15 09:20pm, 16th January, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Aussie enfield site been hacked
Hackers seem to have taken over/hit the Aussie Enfield forum? Either that or Yabba is the process of crashing? Can you get in, Leon?
Tim NZ 20 845 07:51am, 14th November, 2017 10:56am 12th January, 2018 by Freddo
Power Cut Notification
We apologise if you have not been able to contact us this morning but we have had a power cut due to storm Eleanor which hit the UK today. We are up a...
Graeme @ Hitchcocks 3 188 10:14am, 3rd January, 2018 09:10pm 3rd January, 2018 by Tim NZ
Need of Flat toolbox for Bullet
Hi All, I am from India. I own a 1958 Royal Enfield bullet 350CC. I have bought it with some 60% originality. Then i have started buying some original...
Hercules 11 308 06:23pm, 1st January, 2018 09:07pm 3rd January, 2018 by Tim NZ
Royal Enfield with reverse gear
papasmurf 7 280 01:07pm, 2nd January, 2018 02:04am 3rd January, 2018 by Alan R
South Lancashire January 2018
South Lancashire Branch REOC A quick reminder that there's no meeting on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. The first meeting for 2018 is the first Tue...
Chris [Stockport] 0 74 02:39pm, 2nd January, 2018 No one has replied yet
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What oil?
To cook your roast potatoes? Merry Christmas everyone! REgards, Mark
Mark M 17 418 05:14pm, 25th December, 2017 03:12pm 30th December, 2017 by albert
Enfield Ride-out destinations for the New Year----
Hi Guys---------If you happen to be in the neighbourhood then why not visit myself and "The Lads" at the Oswestry & North Shropshire Model Engineers M...
Alan R 0 117 09:44am, 30th December, 2017 No one has replied yet
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Christmas Greetings
Hi all on this forum, all the very best for Christmas and a Happy and Safe new year. Looking forward to more interesting topics in 2018. Enfields Ru...
scotty 1 124 08:15am, 24th December, 2017 08:38am 24th December, 2017 by papasmurf
PRE-65 Trials on ebay
Hi found bit interesting Pre-65. ) ebay 263392314928 , seems to have right combination for pre-65 Crausder frame light/older gearbox etc. Re...
enfield_trials 3 180 04:33pm, 21st December, 2017 08:32am 22nd December, 2017 by Mark M
What's this.
I know I've asked this before but I've lost the answer.Anyone an idea what this bike is?
PeteF 8 337 04:02pm, 17th December, 2017 04:26pm 18th December, 2017 by PeteF
Inder sidecars
Just read The Gun and found an advert regarding a sidecar for sale made by Inder which is a company based in India. I'm looking for a sidecar to a...
Sharpy 5 259 12:16pm, 17th December, 2017 08:24am 18th December, 2017 by papasmurf
WDCO Project
Hello, I have recently acquired a 1945 WDCO project in Vancouver Canada and was wondering if there were any other owners of this model in Vancouver...
Ben Cameron 2 205 04:05am, 14th December, 2017 02:54am 17th December, 2017 by Ben Cameron
uploading photos
how do i do it please ?
martyn15 18 480 09:06am, 27th November, 2017 01:09pm 15th December, 2017 by Alan R
Classic Vehicle Show, New Year's Day
This event is a popular blow away the cobwebs do and takes over the whole town of Stony Stratford. Although principally a car event motorcycles get pr...
Mark M 3 200 01:52pm, 12th December, 2017 01:58am 14th December, 2017 by Alan R
B5 vs Classic
I'm seriously contemplating buying a new bike in the spring. What is there to choose between the B5 and the Classic. I actually like the B5's ...
John R 5 266 07:26pm, 11th December, 2017 02:44pm 13th December, 2017 by Presto
cruising speed
i have a 2016 bullet 500 B5, what is the top cruising speed you would recommend? i have a long distance trip to make and want to use the bullet.
garry 17 987 12:33pm, 1st October, 2017 08:19pm 12th December, 2017 by Alan R
waiting for spares
has anybody had a long wait for their spares from hitchcocks delivered by royalmail at the moment as i have been waiting for my spares since tuesday t...
steve a 27 696 12:48pm, 10th December, 2017 09:21pm 11th December, 2017 by Scalyback
bike ride to the Middle East
comrades, I am organising a trip to the Middle East. the ride will be the basis for a film documentary, arabic speakers particularly welcome. the t...
mish 12 626 04:21pm, 1st November, 2017 10:26am 7th December, 2017 by OilyFingers
WW1 U-Boat Engine start & run---
Hi guys------ just thought you might like to see a 100year old U-Boat Diesel engine start up and run ??----Two per boat and so very cramped and noisy ...
Alan R 11 461 11:28pm, 1st December, 2017 03:00am 6th December, 2017 by Alan R

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