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bullet parts wanted
Does anyone have any redditch 55-62 bullet cycle parts for sale? need a complete rolling chassis or parts, thanks
gnasher 4 58 Bikes For Sale 10:14am, 20th October, 2018 02:44pm 20th October, 2018 by gnasher
Hai am Elvis, I own a 1992 350 bullet. Crank of 10.5kgs, mikcarb carburettor, basic air filters and all them basic components. I was hoping to give ...
Elvis 2 145 Technical 04:52pm, 19th October, 2018 12:50pm 20th October, 2018 by PeteF
Continental GT ECU re-set
Hi Guys, I’ve just purchased a 2015 Continental GT. The previous owner removed the air box and fitted an open cone type air filter (not sure of the...
Dm2006 0 37 Technical 09:35am, 20th October, 2018 No one has replied yet
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Now that I have it, how do I install it?
Bought this head light switch. The idea is to install it in place of the ignition key in the casquette and to hide the ignition key somewhere else on...
StogieRob 8 204 Technical 06:04pm, 17th October, 2018 02:18am 20th October, 2018 by Alan R
Replacing metal fork shrouds
Hi is it easy to remove these metal fork shrouds and replace them with the rubber type fork gaiters? I am not keen on the way these cover everything ...
Lord-Toady 16 442 Technical 02:00pm, 11th October, 2018 09:55pm 19th October, 2018 by Lord-Toady
CDI Thunderbird Alternator
Here's one for our electrics experts. With the 1999 - 2007 four wire alternator stator it is possible to feed both the "regular" AC feed to the...
Adrian 10 188 Technical 11:43pm, 12th October, 2018 01:01pm 19th October, 2018 by Adrian
Miller/Vincent style taillight
You know the tail light with the chrome "stop" insert? I have just seen one advertised that has "FTW" instead of Stop. I'm maybe bit naive, but w...
John R 4 203 Social / Other 09:22pm, 16th October, 2018 12:55pm 19th October, 2018 by Adrian
Fuel Cap
Hi I want to replace my fuel cap. Can anybody confirm if the hitchcocks fuel cap below, will fit my tank. This my current tank and cap. ...
hunter 11 352 Technical 12:59pm, 12th October, 2018 11:47am 19th October, 2018 by hunter
Difficult starting
Hi quickly looseing the will to live Bullet 500 2002 4 speed Just can't get it to start, kicks over fires then stops Tried resetting timing c...
H 34 2098 Technical 07:46pm, 28th January, 2018 07:05pm 18th October, 2018 by Lord-Toady
Oil Filter
Hi all, any ideas, please? Enfield Bullet 500cc, 2007, iron. Just been doing an oil change and on removing the front drain nut under the engine, f...
Chris [Stockport] 15 472 Technical 05:58pm, 13th October, 2018 12:38pm 18th October, 2018 by Chris [Stockport]
fuel additive- low emissions
have a read of this- apparently it works on petrol engines just as well it is a legal requirement in Texas and is ...
mart 10 255 Technical 08:44am, 16th October, 2018 06:44pm 17th October, 2018 by Beezabryan
1956 500 Twin - Questions (sorry yet more)
I have been looking over the front brake of my 1956 500 twin and generally it all looks pretty good to me. The shoes have plenty of meat on them, drum...
colinp 16 319 Technical 08:04pm, 14th October, 2018 06:40pm 17th October, 2018 by ric
I got that sinking feeling riding my C5 at the weekend and had a flat back tyre. I managed to get back home slowly and can't see anything obvious ...
Danny 3 110 Technical 07:43am, 17th October, 2018 10:37am 17th October, 2018 by Aethelric
C5 battery not charging
Hi all. I have a conundrum. My battery discharges when I run at slow speeds and in heavy traffic with the HL on and it never seems to reach full cha...
AndyMc 3 96 Technical 05:29pm, 16th October, 2018 08:28pm 16th October, 2018 by Adrian
How long does it take for shipping from India???
To all the Brits (and anyone outside the US)... How long does it take to receive parts from India? I just made a few ebay purchases and i’m gett...
StogieRob 20 439 Social / Other 09:36pm, 12th October, 2018 02:54pm 16th October, 2018 by Wheaters
Tyre Choice
Looking for tyre recommendations for 19" rims as fitted to my Bullet. My favourite tyres are currently Avon Roar Riders, but they seem to be unvail...
Andy C 7 317 Technical 05:01pm, 11th October, 2018 06:36pm 15th October, 2018 by Nico
Tight oil feed?
Hello All Pre-unit 250 Clipper 1954. I’m rebuilding the engine. Crank & mains ok so that’s back together ok. Just fitted the timing cover, still...
PO51UHD 4 140 Technical 04:53pm, 14th October, 2018 04:59pm 15th October, 2018 by PO51UHD
1926 350 Std Model Help Required
All, We have a beautiful 1926 Std Model 350 with very little reference to work from. We're struggling to find a few key engine components - ...
Maverick 0 92 Technical 12:17pm, 15th October, 2018 No one has replied yet
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The Flying Scotsman, Penzance
For the steam buffs on the forum:-
papasmurf 10 233 Social / Other 12:28pm, 8th October, 2018 12:05pm 15th October, 2018 by Alan R
Royal Enfield - A Proud War Record 1946 (repost)
every few years I post this on here. To my mind, it is a stunning piece of RE history and well worth reading. here is... 
A Proud War Record....
Scalyback 4 97 Social / Other 05:13pm, 14th October, 2018 07:48pm 14th October, 2018 by albert

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